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Owen’s Stinky Crackers

1 can sardines in spring water
1 T shredded cheddar cheese*
1 cup fine, whole wheat bread crumbs
1 beaten egg
1 T vegetable oil

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mash the sardines in their liquid in a medium bowl. Add egg, oil, cheese and bread crumbs. Mix well. Mixture will be crumbly. Shape into 24 small balls. If the mixture will not hold together add water, 1 tablespoon at a time until it will.

Place balls on an ungreased baking sheet and press down lightly on the top of each one with a fork. Bake for 8 to 12 minutes until golden. Watch carefully; they burn easily. Cool and store in an air-tight container

*Many cats are lactose-intolerant. The cheese may be eliminated or replaced with lactose-free cheese. Check with your vet.

These crackers should only be an occasional treat for your cat. (No real cat should eat the way Owen and Hercules do.) And be warned: these smell very fishy while they’re cooking.


Tai Chi Chuan is an exercise form that has been practiced for centuries. It’s suitable for people of all ages and helps improve concentration, discipline and balance. To learn more visit www.wustyle.com or watch the Standard Form.

Wu style Tai Chi Chuan has 108 movements which make up the form.

1. Beginning of Tai Chi Chuan
2. Raise Hands
3. Play Guitar
4. Grasp Bird's Tail
5. Single Whip
6. Slant Flying
7. Raise Hands
8. White Crane Spreads Wings
9. Brush Knee, Push (Left & Right, 4 Times)
10. Playing Guitar
11. Step Forward and Push
12. Push Forward
13. Carry Tiger to the Mountain
14. Cross Hands
15. Slant Brush Knee and Push
16. Turn Body, Brush Knee & Push
17. Grasp Bird's Tail
18. Single Whip
19. Fist Under Elbow
20. Step Back, Repulse Monkey (Left & Right, 3 Times)
21. Slant Flying
22. Raise Hands
23. White Crane Spreads Wings
24. Brush Knee and Push
25. Needle at Sea Bottom
26. Play Arms Like a Fan
27. Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
28. Step Back and Punch
29. Step Forward and Grasp Bird's Tail
30. Single Whip
31. Wave Hands Like a Cloud
32. Single Whip
33. Left High Pat on Horse
34. Right Foot Kick (Separate)
35. Right High Pat on Horse
36. Left Foot Kick (Separate)
37. Turn Body, Kick with Heel
38. Brush Knee and Push (Right & Left)
39. Step Forward and Punch Down
40. Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
41. High Pat on Horse
42. (Right) Separate Hands
43. 1st Raise Foot
44. Step Back Seven Stars
45. Step Back and Hit the Tiger
46. Second Raise Foot
47. Hit Opponent's Ear with Fist
48. Lean Back and Kick
49. Turn Body and Kick with Heel
50. High Pat on Horse
51. Step Forward and Punch
52. Push Forward
53. Carry Tiger to the Mountain
54. Cross Hands
55. Slant Brush Knee and Push
56. Turn Body, Brush Knee and Push
57. Grasp Bird's Tail
58. Single Whip
59. Play Guitar
60. Wild Horse Separate Mane (Right)
61. Play Guitar
62. Wild Horse Separate Mane (Left)
63. Play Guitar

64. Wild Horse Separate Mane (Right)
65. Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (Twice)
66. Play Guitar
67. Wild Horse Separate Mane
68. Fair Lady Works at Shuttle (Twice)
69. Grasp Bird's Tail
70. Single Whip
71. Wave Hands Like a Cloud
72. Single Whip
73. Snake Creeps Down
74. Golden Cock on Left Leg
75. Golden Cock on Right Leg
76. Step Back and Repulse Monkey (Left and Right Three Times)
77. Cross Slant Flying
78. Raise Hands
79. White Crane Spreads Wings
80. Brush Knee and Push
81. Needle at Sea Bottom
82. Play Arms Like a Fan
83. Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
84. Step Forward and Punch
85. Step Forward and Grasp Bird's Tail
86. Single Whip
87. Wave Hands Like a Cloud
88. Single Whip
89. High Pat on Horse
90. Slap Face with Palm
91. Turn Body and Single Lotus Kick
92. Brush Knee and Push
93. Step Forward and Punch to Opponent's Lower Abdomen
94. Step Forward, Grasp Bird's Tail
95. Single Whip
96. Snake Creeps Down
97. Step Forward Seven Stars
98. Step Back Ride the Tiger
99. Turn Body and Slap Face with Palm
100. Turn Body and Double Lotus Kick
101. Shoot Tiger
102. High Pat on Horse
103. Slap Face with Palm
104. Turn Body and Strike Fist to Back
105. Step Forward and High Pat on Horse
106. Step Forward Grasp Bird's Tail
107. Single Whip
108. Conclusion of Tai Chi Chuan

Feral cats

According to the ASPCA, “a cat born and raised in the wild, or who has been abandoned or lost and reverted to wild ways in order to survive, is considered a free roaming or feral cat. While some feral cats tolerate a bit of human contact, most are too fearful and wild to be handled. Ferals often live in groups, called colonies, and take refuge wherever they can find food—rodents and other small animals and garbage. They will also try to seek out abandoned buildings, deserted cars, even dig holes in the ground to keep warm in winter months and cool during the summer heat.”

To learn more visit:

Alley Cat Allies (www.alleycat.org)

ASPCA (www.aspca.org)


Feeding Your Cat

Owen and Hercules from Curiosity Thrilled the Cat and Sleight of Paw are not exactly ordinary house cats. How many ordinary cats can walk through walls and disappear at will? They don’t exactly have ordinary digestive systems either, and they eat way more people food than a real cat should.

Real adult cats need high-quality, nutritious food to stay healthy. They shouldn’t be eating peanut butter and banana toast or tomato and mozzarella sandwiches. The best source of information about feeding your cat is a veterinarian. How much your cat should be fed, depends on its size, age and how active it is. Treats should be a very small part of a cat’s diet.

All cats need free access to clean, fresh water. In their guidelines for feeding your cat, the ASPCA says, “Milk should not be fed to cats as a treat or as a substitute for water. Cats do not possess significant amounts of lactase, the enzyme that breaks down lactose in milk.” In other words like a lot of us, they’re lactose intolerant.

Cats like meat for a reason. They require a meat-based diet to get all the amino acids their bodies need to meet their nutritional requirements. Tuna is not a substitute for a nutritionally balanced, quality cat food. Eating it all the time could result in a Vitamin E deficiency, which could cause some serious health problems for your cat including steatitis.

As always, the best source of information about caring for your cat is your vet.



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